Use Fertilizer for Gardenias – 4 Steps to Refresh Your Home

fertilizer for gardenias

Gardenias are beautiful and intense fragrant white flowers that beautify any place where they grow. With beautiful white color & shiny green leaves, it fills the air around you with a wonderful fragrance and brings a lot of joy to your mind. Many households grow gardenias to beautifying their surroundings. These flowers are mostly grown near a window to enjoy its strong fragrance. But they grow between 2-8 feet in length, so you should place them carefully. Planting should be done properly & require proper care and fertilizer for gardenias growth. You need to use the acid fertilizer every 3-4 weeks during this growing period.

Planting Gardenias


It is important to select to perfect site for gardenias. The best place is where it will receive an adequate amount of sunlight, some shade, and well-drained acidic soil. And of course, you need to keep them moisten. Many gardeners add peat moss to the soil to retain plant moisture. The best condition for these flowers is moderate humidity and a temperature between 68-74 degrees. Remember, gardenias are known as acid loving plants. That is why gardeners use different types of fertilizers to acidify the soil for a low pH.

Fertilizer for Gardenias


Fertilizing the soil is the most important for the growth and flowering. They need well-drained acidic soil for their development and valuable nutrients for the blooming cycles. You need to add the right amount of fertilizer & water to the soil. But make sure you don’t over-fertilize. This will burn your gardenias. There are many types of powder fertilizers, pellet fertilizers and liquid fertilizers available in the market. You can use any of them for your gardenias. The good ones have additional iron or copper which are excellent for leaf and flower development. If you find your plants having yellow leaves, that is a strong indication that you need fertilizers. Lack of nitrogen results in yellow leaves and therefore, you need fertilizers for developing healthy leaves for your plant. Another situation signifies a lack of nutrients is when you find only find root development but no sign of flowers or buds. You can also make homemade fertilizers to promote the plant growth. If you don’t want to get the commercial ones, just add some coffee, tea, wood ash or Epsom salt to fertilize the soil. These ingredients are enriched with essential nutrients such as nitrogen, magnesium, and potassium. Homemade fertilizers help save your money and is also very effective. Spread coffee or tea around the plant base. It will help stimulate the roots of gardenias. If you decide to go with tea, seal 1 cup of rotted manure into a cloth bag and submerge it in 1 gallon of water. Remove the bag after 3 days and apply the tea to the base of the soil. Many gardeners water their plants with a solution of 1 gallon of water and 1 tbsp of white vinegar to acidify the soil. However, rainwater serves the purpose perfectly.

Time for Fertilizing


We know how important fertilizers are to feed these acid-loving flowering plants. But how much should you feed them with? You should fertilize 2 times in a year: Spring and Summer Season. More accurately, April through November once a month is sufficient and will also save you from worries of over-fertilizing and burning the plant roots.

How Much Fertilizer Should You Use?

With the best times for fertilizing, how much should you feed to your plants? The ideal pH level of your soil should be 5.5, but make sure to keep it between the range 5-6. If it goes beyond 7, you can use an acidifier to get that level down. You can get your soil tested for knowing the exact pH level of your soil. For maintaining a low pH, blood meal, and fish emulsion fertilizers had been used widely for gardenia plantation. But how big is your gardenia garden? These plants require around one pound of nitrogen per sq ft of a garden. So you can get a good idea how much your garden may need.

How Much Fertilizer Should You Use


Gardenias are wonderful flowers to decorate your home and make the air around you smell sweet. But you must take proper care of you plants if you want them to grow healthy & have flowers. Fertilizing the soil is the most important for the growth and flowering of gardenias along with adequate sunlight, shade, and moisture. These flowering plants need well-drained acidic soil for healthy growth and flowering.

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