Water Right 400 Series Slim and Light Polyurethane Garden Hose


Water Right 400 Series 75-Foot Slim and Light Polyurethane Olive Green Garden Hose Review –Guide

Households with hobbies of gardening understand the importance of regularly watering their backyards, potted plants & lawns to keep the plants healthy and to beautify their surroundings. Family members, especially the woman of the house, prefers to have a garden hose, which not only is very lightweight, easy to handle &  flexible enough for her to use & enjoy her gardening, but also wants to make sure of 100% clean drinking water for her entire family as well. That is why she will absolutely love The Water Right 400 Series Slim and Light Polyurethane Garden Hose, Lead-Free & Drinking Water Safe, 75-Foot x 7/16-Inch, Olive Green of  best garden hose.

Feature of the water Right 400 Series Olive Green Garden Hose

This (Check Price – Get Water Right 400 Series Slim and Light Polyurethane Garden Hose!) is a very lightweight and flexible hose that you will definitely enjoy watering your lawns and gardens with. It comes with beautiful olive green colored polyurethane made the body with brass endings that provide you with 100% toxic free drinking water for your family. The flow rate is sufficient for you to water in your home gardens and backyards and gives you a tremendous amount of flexibility.


High-quality Polyurethane material

When it comes to drinking clean water, you need to be extra cautious about the water which can be contaminated with toxins that lead to deadly diseases. The Water Right 400 Series Garden hose is manufactured in USA with high-quality UV stabilized FDA & NSF grade polyurethane material from Bayer Material Science, which provides a concrete protection from chemicals such as Lead, BPA, and phthalates that are commonly found in other garden hoses.

Solid brass fittings & strain reliefs

The brass fittings of the Water Right 400 Series Garden hose give extra protection by preventing Lead expulsion in your water. The brass fittings are more robust & the specially designed strain reliefs on both hose ends, prevents kink and twist, making the hose more durable as kinks tend to occur very frequently at that particular area in normal garden hoses.

Super flexibility

The family members, especially the ladies will truly love this hose to do their gardening, cleaning, pool filling, etc. It offers super flexibility & this ultra light garden hose is very easy to pull out and store back, drag around wherever you want to take it and very reliable. You can also place your hose outside as it is not affected by the hot, cold and even freezing weather conditions.  The spray rate of this hose is 4-5 gallons per minute, which is sufficient for any job around your house & your garden. Anyone would like to grab such a Slim, Soft, effortless to use a gardening hose like this one & start watering their backyard.

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  • High-quality polyurethane ensures & brass fittings ensure safe drinking water
  • Very lightweight & easy to carry around
  • Specially engineered strain reliefs to prevent kink at faucet ends
  • Good for any type of weather condition
  • Good enough pressure flow for any types of work


  • Slim hose might kink while reeling back or unreeling
  • Due to small diameter, the narrowness can cut on the water pressure
  • Filling the pool or waterfall, it can take a much longer time.
  • May not powerful enough for a wide area watering or a lawn sprinklers

Final Verdict

Overall, the Water Right 400 Series Slim and Light Polyurethane Olive Green Garden Hose is fantastic for the daily use of your family members. Best garden hose made sure that you can drink water from this Water Right 400 Series & use it for your daily watering and gardening, very happily. Simply pick it up with one hand and walk all over the yard effortlessly.

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