5 Very Important Reasons to Know – Why Raise Garden Beds?


We make different garden row arrangements, whether single or multiple, for many reasons. Why raise garden beds? One should say garden rows are made for making your garden look neat & beautiful. But equally spaced beds allow enough room for your plantation activity, serve as a walkway to your garden. Your plants also get better light exposure and gas exchanges & you can easily create furrows to sow the seeds.

But the raised beds arrangement is made by many gardeners, where 3-4 foot beds are raised for growing plants. In this setup, the soil is raised few inches higher than the normal soil level and is often framed with wood, bricks and stones. They look like small plots of flowers and crops, beautifully planted. Raised bed not only looks beautiful but they have many other benefits for your plant growth.

Planning to Beautify Your Garden

Why Raise Garden Beds?

Raised beds are very beneficial for you plantation. You may be accustomed to row plantation because they can be arranged in patterns, and have benefits of a wide garden. Wait till you find out what raised beds have to offer. Raised beds are very wells protected from pests, animals, humans & soil erosion. Higher soil means better drainage, it prevents densification of earth & easier convenient for gardening. Here are some Benefits of raising garden beds:

Why Raise Garden Beds

  • Better Soil Quality

The quality of earth in raised beds is far better than the normal row planting because they are not subjected to human stepping or animal interference. This is mainly due to the raised level of soil and the frames that keep the soil protected. Normal soil gets compacted due to us stepping on them. When the beds are raised in blocks, we tend to take more care because they are usually shaped in smaller areas, easier to maintain thus we are more encouraged to give the right nutrients and fertilizers from time to time.

Improved Drainage

  • Improved Drainage

Soil drainage is an important property of the soil. It is the ability of how quickly it lets the water pass through it. If the soil you are using is dense, it will hold the water longer before passing. But if the earth is loose, water will flow very quickly. What makes soil drainage important is that different plants require different drainage to grow.

A well-drained soil also helps prevent diseases. Raised earth keep a balance for soil drainage because the soil is neither too dense, nor too loose. You can use clay soils, but you can mix your own nutrients and ingredients to make it more fertile.

Improved Drainage

  • Better Garden Output

Raised beds contain high-quality soil which can warm very fast. Therefore, you can start planting your plants earlier than in flat grounds. There is a better circulation of air and water in the soil and the plants are able to access the nutrients faster than those on level grounds. This gives a better yield from your plantation.

The quality of earth in raised beds

  • Better Protection

This is a very factor in raising beds. Raised beds are protected by frames made of wood, bricks or stones. Pests such as snails and slugs can’t invade your garden easily. Frames also remind us not to step on the garden, so we are usually more careful with this arrangement. The protection is possible because they are small and very easier to maintain.

The weed is crowded out by dense plantation in the raised garden beds. You can use metal screens to prevent rodents, birds or other animals to step inside your beds. What about soil erosion? You don’t want a heavy rain to wash away your garden. The frames keep your garden soil intact without losing their shape & structure.

Easy Neat Gardening

  • Easy & Neat Gardening

Since the soil level is raised higher, you don’t need to stress your back while working in your garden. This is good for old aged people or the ones with severe back pain. In fact, people who are on wheelchairs can also find it very easy to do their gardening activities in raised gardens. What really stands out is how neat and tidy your garden looks when they are raised and framed nicely. With any garden, you always make sure to make them presentable.

 framed garden


The small raised plots of flowers and crops not only look neat and tidy but have many benefits to the arrangement. With raised beds, you get a better quality of soil with better drainage to grow your crops. A well-drained soil also helps prevent diseases and also gives a better yield from your plantation. The beds are perfectly protected from invasion from rodents, birds and pests and most importantly, from human stepping. If you are looking forward to an easy to plant and well maintained the garden, which is well protected & gives a better yield, raised beds is your best gardening arrangement.

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