As your lawnmower’s engine runs, it creates small particles due to friction. That is why installing the best lawn mower oil filter is a wise step in order to ensure that your engine runs smoothly and lasts for a long time.

Using this oil filter will assist in the collection of these particles and ensure that the oil is kept clean during circulation. This will also increase the engine’s efficiency and ensure it’s working in top condition.

You can’t just take any oil filter, as inferior ones may not purify the oil as well and cause your engine to deteriorate out faster. Checking out product reviews can help you find reliable lawn mower oil filters.

Oil Filter for Briggs & Stratton Lawn Mower

Micron Rate: 28
OEM Part: Yes
Weight: 7.5 ounces
Item Dimensions: 3.23 x 3.15 x 2.6 inches

John Deere OEM Oil Filter #AM125424

Micron Rate: 25
OEM Part: Yes
Weight: 8 ounces
Item Dimensions: 7 x 6 x 4 inches

Stens Kohler 12 050 01-S Oil Filter

Micron Rate: 32
OEM Part: Yes
Weight: 1.28 ounces
Item Dimensions: 3.3 x 3.25 x 3.2 inches

5 Best Lawn Mower Oil Filter Review

Checking out the reviews for lawn mower oil filters is a useful way to learn more about a product before you purchase it. Reviews can provide insights into the reliability of a product, as well as the pros and cons of using it.

A review can also assist you in comparing different products and determining which one meets your needs the most.

Take some time to read reviews before making your final decision if you are considering purchasing a new lawn mower oil filter. The following are five of the top lawn mower oil filter reviews to help you get started.

1. Oil Filter for Briggs & Stratton Lawn Mower

Briggs & Stratton oil filter offers many benefits for your lawn mower. Using this filter will extend the life of your lawn mower’s engine as well as protect it from abrasion and wear.

Highlighted Features:

  • OEM filter designed to be an exact replacement for the original
  • High capacity oil filter that can hold more oil contaminants
  • Withstands high temperatures to protect the lawn mower’s engine
  • Easy to install with no need for a technician
  • Fits well and does not leak
  • Keeps oil clean and prevents deposits from building up

Leak-Free Fit:

Those who own Briggs and Stratton lawn mowers will find this product to be of significant value. The gasket on this lawn mower oil filter seals without any concerns and fits snugly without leaking.

To facilitate installation and create a tighter seal, it is necessary that the rubber seal is lubricated with some oil before installation.

Using this professional-grade component, you can have peace of mind that your lawn mower will operate efficiently and smoothly throughout the season.

Well-Filtering Capability:

This oil filter provides excellent filtration of the oil and ensures that the engine remains clean. It is likely that the oil will look new even after 50 hours of use, so you can expect that this filter will prolong the life of your lawn mower.

Fine Mesh:

There is a fine mesh in the filter, which serves as an excellent means of trapping contaminants. It assists in the maintenance of clean oil and prevents the buildup of deposits.


Durable plastic material is used in the manufacture of this filter, which will last for a long time. Since this is an OEM filter, it can be used as an alternative to the original filter that came with the mower.

High Capacity:

Due to its high capacity, this unit can hold a more substantial amount of oil contaminants than other filters. Your engine will be protected from deterioration as well as perform at its optimal level.

The filter’s pleated design helps to achieve maximum filtering efficiency. This means that you can expect your engine to receive the cleanest oil possible.

High-Temperature Resistance:

As the lawnmower’s oil circulates, it begins to degrade and break down. This process is sped up by hot temperatures, which is why it’s important to use a filter that can withstand high temperatures.

The Briggs & Stratton replacement oil filters protect your lawn mower against degradation even in the hottest conditions. You can therefore be certain that your lawn mower will remain in good operating condition no matter how often you use it.

Easily Installable:

There is no need for a technician to install this product, as it is designed to be easy to install. You can perform the task yourself. Simply follow the instructions in your owner’s manual.

When installing the filter, be sure not to over-tighten it. You will therefore be able to extend the engine’s life.


  • As this oil filter is not universally compatible, it will only fit certain models of lawnmowers, including the 79589, 92134GS, 92134, and 695396.
    • It can be noted that if your lawnmower is of the same size as these models, this lawn mower oil filter will fit perfectly.


Based on its superior filtration, easy installation, and high capacity, high-temperature resistance, choosing this oil filter for Briggs & Stratton lawn mower may be beneficial to you.

2. John Deere OEM Oil Filter #AM125424

This product from John Deere is a dependable replacement filter that will help to improve the performance of your engine. It is designed to remove impurities from the engine oil, and it will assist in preventing engine clogging and buildup.

Highlighted Features:

  • OEM (original equipment manufacturer) product
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Perfect fit with no leaks
  • High-quality construction for durability
  • Provides the same level of performance and reliability as the original filter
  • Traps harmful contaminants for engine protection
  • Prevents engine clogging and buildup

OEM Filter:

John Deere lawn mowers use this filter specifically. Since it is an OEM (original equipment manufacturer) product, it delivers the same consistency as the filter that came with your mower.

One-Person Installation:

The installation process is quick and easy, making it an excellent choice for those who are looking for a hassle-free oil filter replacement. In just a few minutes, you can perform this task yourself.

Adequate Fit:

As this filter fits perfectly on your lawnmower, you do not have to worry about leaks. With its sturdy construction, it will last you for a long time, so it can be a worthwhile investment.

Performing Well:

You can count on this filter to keep your engine running smoothly, as it is an easy-to-use, reliable product. Your engine will benefit from this product, as it traps harmful contaminants before they can cause any damage to the engine.


  • Given that the John Deere OEM oil filter is made with a fair amount of plastic, some consumers may not be happy about its price point.
    • The filter performs well, which may offset any concerns regarding the composition of its materials.
  • It may not fit all lawnmower models, but it will fit in most John Deere lawn mower models.
    • If your lawnmower’s filter size matches this model, you can easily use this product.


The John Deere OEM Oil Filter #AM125424 can be very useful for those in need of an OEM replacement filter for their John Deere lawn mower due to its overall high standard, performance, and ease of installation.

3. Stens Kohler 12 050 01-S Oil Filter

This filter is designed to fit with the Kohler engine and similar-size models from other manufacturers. You will have clean oil so your engine runs smoothly.

Highlighted Features:

  • Traps small harmful contaminants with a micron rating of 32
  • An anti-drain back valve prevents oil from draining back into the engine
  • Made of premium plastic materials for superior filtration
  • Comes with a good instruction manual for proper use
  • Easy to install, can be done with some basic tools

Back Valve with Drainage Prevention:

When the lawnmower is not in use, a backflow prevention valve prevents motor oil from returning to the engine. The engine will last longer as a result of this feature since it prevents deposits from forming on the engine components.

Trap Smaller Particles:

Due to its micron rating of 32, it can trap very small harmful contaminants, such as contaminants, and metal particles, before they reach the engine.

This keeps the engine oil clean and free of particles, promoting better engine performance and longevity. That’s why the Stens Kohler 12 050 01-S oil filter can be a great choice for those who want the best performance from their lawnmower.

Quality Construction:

High-grade plastics are used in constructing this filtration system, which provides superior filtration to ensure smooth engine operation.

Quick Installation:

You can easily install this filtration system on your lawnmower engine, so you won’t have to waste time going to a mechanic. Changing the oil and replacing the filter may take approximately 10 minutes.

Helpful Manual Guide:

A good instruction manual is included with the product to assist in the proper use of this filter. With this lawn mower oil filter, you can extend your engine’s life by keeping it clean and free of impurities.


  • Some users have found that it can be a little tight to install. This can be especially true if you don’t have a lot of experience working with oil filters.
    • Once you become familiar with it, it is likely to become much easier. This is a phenomenal product that will protect your engine well.


You may be interested in this oil filter due to its 32-micron rating, good construction, ease of installation, and helpful manual. This lawn mower oil filter can be a wise choice if you wish to protect your engine and ensure its longevity.

4. Oregon Oil Filter 83-013

When it comes to finding the right oil filter for your lawnmower, you want to make sure that you get one that is made to the original specifications. The Oregon oil filter is designed to meet those same specifications, so you can expect the same quality and performance from it.

It is a suitable replacement for Briggs & Stratton 492932S, Kohler 28 050 01-S, and Kawasaki 49065-7007 models. It can also be used on lawnmowers with the same thread, diameter, and overall length as these models.

Highlighted Features:

  • Designed to meet the same specifications as the original
  • Provide excellent filtration for contaminants
  • Durable metal shell and high-quality plastic construction
  • Equipped with a relief valve for oil under all conditions
  • Prevents oil from draining out during engine shutdown
  • Resin impregnated paper filter medium for harmful particle removal
  • Perforated steel core for the full flow of oil and engine protection
  • Drain-preventing back valve to prevent dry start-up deterioration

Excellent Filtration:

This filter provides excellent filtration, preventing contaminants from entering your engine. It can therefore prolong the lifespan and ensure the smooth operation of your lawnmower.


Due to its high-quality plastic construction, it will not break down or become brittle over time. A durable metal shell will also protect it from wearing out.

Easy to Set Up:

There is no difficulty in installing this filter. You will not have any problem installing this filter even if you don’t have a lot of lawn mower experience. All you need is a few basic tools and a little bit of patience. You can do it entirely on your own.

Relief Valve Assembly:

This filter is equipped with a relief valve that opens when necessary to ensure that the engine receives oil under all conditions. The valve is designed to close when the engine is not running so that oil does not leak out.

Resin Impregnated:

A resin-impregnated paper filter medium is used in this filter. This ensures that the paper filter removes harmful foreign particles from the oil while also regulating the flow of oil to the engine.

Perforated Steel Core:

It has a perforated steel core that allows a full flow of oil while providing rigid support. Your engine will be properly lubricated as a result, preventing clogs and ensuring maximum efficiency.

Anti-Drain Back Valve:

The Oregon oil filter 83-013 is designed with a backflow prevention valve that prevents oil from draining out of the filter during engine shutdown. In this manner, the engine is protected against the damage that can result from a dry start-up.

Lid Assembly:

There is a roll-seamed lid assembly on this oil filter, ensuring that no oil will escape and damage your lawnmower.


  • Some users have found that the filter is a little bit tricky to thread on and that it does not seem to fit correctly on different models of lawnmowers.
    • Make sure you have the correct lawn mower model before purchasing the filter and use a filter wrench to thread it on.
  • There may be a thin rubber gasket on the filter.
    • Using a thicker gasket can solve this problem.


The Oregon lawn mower oil filter is a well-made and effective product that effectively filters out contaminants. It is easy to install, and its perforated steel core ensures the oil flows freely to the engine. If you wish to have something of quality for your lawnmower, this can be a good option.

5. HOODELL Extra Capacity Oil Filters for Lawn Mower

It is a wise idea to keep several oil filters on hand since you never know when one might fail. With HOODELL, you get four filters in one package, so you will always have a spare on hand.

This will save you time and money in the long run, as you won’t have to keep buying new filters before each use.

Highlighted Features:

  • 4 oil filters in one package for convenience
  • High resistance to clogging and accumulation of harmful particles
  • Same size as the original filter for a reliable replacement
  • Captures particles as small as 27 microns for well protection
  • Compatible with many different models of lawn mower
  • Maintains cleanliness and lubrication of oil

Larger Capacity:

With its significant capacity, this filter is well suited for lawn mowers that tend to accumulate more oil residue than standard filters. This filter is also much higher than other shorter oil filters, almost twice the volume, filter area, and cooling time.


Your lawn mower’s working life may be prolonged with this product due to its high resistance to clogging.

It can also prevent the accumulation of harmful debris and maintain the cleanliness and lubrication of oil. This makes it a worthwhile choice for those who want to get the most out of their mowers.

Same as Original:

Since this filter is the same size as its original counterpart, it can serve as a reliable replacement. This product is usually compatible with Cub Cadet LT1045, Husqvarna Craftsman Kohler 52-050-02-S KH-52-050-02 KH-52-050-02-S 25 050 25 S 5205002-S 25 050 27.

Fine Particles Capturing Ability:

It is capable of capturing stuff as tiny as 27 microns. This ensures that the engine is protected from wear and tear and helps extend the lawn mower’s life.


  • Sometimes the seals on the filters can become loose, causing oil to leak.
    • A simple solution to this problem is to tighten the filter with a bit more torque.
  • Rubber gaskets on filters may occasionally become dislodged.
    • Ensure that the rubber gasket is in place before tightening the filter in order to prevent this from occurring.


You may find it beneficial to choose these extra capacity oil filters for lawn mower from HOODELL. The large capacity and ability to capture fine particles of this filter will help your mower perform to its highest potential.

Comparison Chart:

Product NameMicron RateOEM PartWeightItem Dimensions
Briggs & Stratton Lawn Mower Oil Filter28Yes7.5 ounces3.23 x 3.15 x 2.6 inches
John Deere OEM Oil Filter25Yes8 ounces7 x 6 x 4 inches
Kohler Oil Filter32Yes1.28 ounces3.3 x 3.25 x 3.2 inches
Oregon 83-013 Oil Filter27No0.8 ounces4 x 4 x 24 inches
HOODELL Oil Filter27No‎2.64 pounds‎6.38 x 6.22 x 3.19 inches

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Lawn Mower Oil Filter

fuel filter

In order to select a good quality lawn mower oil filter, you should take into account a number of factors. The wide range of brands and models available on the market can make it confusing for you to select the one that is most appropriate for your lawnmower.

Knowing what to look for in oil filters will help you make the most informed decision for your lawn mower. In your selection of a filter, you will need to take into account the following factors:

1. Size

Various types and sizes of oil filters are available, which is why it is imperative that you choose the right one for your lawn mower. The new filter needs to have the same thread diameter and sealing gasket as the one you are replacing.

If you are unsure about the size that is compatible with your lawn mower, the first step is to consult your mower’s owner’s manual. Your manual will specify the specific size that is recommended for your lawnmower.

In the event that you are unable to locate your owner’s manual, you may also be able to find the information online. The filter’s size is usually written on the filter itself, so you can also cross-reference the size with that of your mower to ensure compatibility.

2. Micron Rating

When you’re looking for the best lawn mower oil filters, it’s vital to pay attention to the micron rating of the filters. This number indicates the size of the particles that the filter can remove from the oil.

For example, a filter with a 20-micron rating is capable of removing particles that are 20 microns or larger from the oil. A higher micron rating means that the lawn mower oil filter can remove smaller particles from the oil.

Most manufacturers list the micron rating on the product’s label or in its manual. If you are experiencing difficulties finding this information, you can also search online resources or contact customer service.

3. Pressure-Flow Rate

air filter

The lawn mower oil filter’s pressure-flow rate needs to be considered when selecting a suitable replacement. This rating indicates how well the filter can withstand pressure and flow rate, both of which are necessary for proper filtration.

A higher rating means that the filter can better withstand high pressure and maintain a high flow rate, making it more effective at filtering out contaminants.

It is recommended that you select one with a pressure-flow rate that exceeds the requirements of your lawn mower in order to achieve optimal results.

4. Filter Media

It is the stuff inside the filter that actually does the job of filtering out the contaminants in the oil. The media is usually made of paper, fabric, or fiber.

Some filters also contain pleated media, which provides a larger surface area for contaminants to be trapped. It is necessary to refer to the product manual or contact customer service in order to determine the type of media used in the filters.

5. Gasket Material

The gasket is what seals the filtration system to the engine, and it needs to be made from a durable material capable of withstanding high temperatures and pressures.

It is usually the case that a high-quality gasket will be made from nitrile rubber, which is well-known for its ability to resist oil and heat. A product manual or customer service representative is the best source of information regarding the type of gasket material used in the filters.

6. Clog-Resistant Design

A good lawn mower oil filter should have a clog-resistant design. Having a filtration kit with this design will help ensure that the oil flows freely and that contaminants are effectively removed from the oil.

Clog-resistant filters typically have a bypass valve, allowing oil to bypass the filter if it becomes clogged. This feature is beneficial because it helps to prevent engine failure that can occur when a filter becomes clogged, and oil is unable to flow freely.

7. Drain-Preventing Back Valve

Some oil filters are designed with anti-drain back valves, which prevent the oil from flowing back into the engine when the mower is turned off.

This feature is especially important if you live in an area with a lot of pollen, as it will help to keep the machine clean. Drain-back prevention valves also improve the longevity of the filter by preventing it from drying out.

8. Operating Temperature

In the process of circulating through the engine, the oil becomes heated. Due to this, it is necessary to select filters that can withstand high temperatures. The operating temperature is the highest temperature that a filter can tolerate before it begins to break down.

You can usually find the operating temperature listed on the product label or in the product manual. Make sure to pick filters with an operating temperature that exceeds the temperatures that will be present in your engine.

How to Change a Lawn Mower Oil Filter?

outdoor power equipment

The first step in changing the lawn mower oil filter is to locate the oil drain plug. Depending on your lawnmower model, this may be located under the engine or near the bottom of the mower deck.

To catch the used oil, place a pan under the oil drain plug. Using a wrench, loosen the oil drain plug and allow the used oil to drain completely.

Once the used oil has drained, replace the oil drain plug and tighten it securely. You should then locate the filter. Depending on the model, the filter is situated under the engine or at the base of the mower deck.

With a filter wrench, loosen the old filter, and then remove it with your hands. Be sure to properly dispose of the old one.

Wet the gasket with fresh oil before installing the new filter. In this way, the engine and the filter will be sealed. Next, screw on the new filter manually and then use the filter wrench to tighten it securely.

Add fresh oil to the engine once the new filter has been installed. Your lawn mower’s owner’s manual will provide you with the appropriate amount of oil to use. Let the engine run for a few minutes after starting it. This will facilitate the distribution of oil throughout the engine.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Many people have questions about oil filters for their lawnmowers. The following are some of the most frequently asked questions, along with their answers.

1. How Often to Change a Lawn Mower Oil Filter?

The general rule of thumb is to change it with each old oil change. Depending on the model of the lawn mower, you may need to change the filter every 50 hours of use or once every spring or summer.

If you notice that your lawn mower isn’t starting as easily as it used to, or if it’s making strange noises, it’s a good idea to check the filter and change it if necessary.

2. What Kind Of Oil Is Recommended for Use on a Lawn Mower Filter?

SAE 5W-30 synthetic oil is the most commonly recommended oil for use in a lawn mower engine, but the type of oil you use should be based on the operating temperature of your engine. If your mower will be used mostly in hot weather, then a higher viscosity oil, such as SAE 40, will be better suited for your needs.

If you live in a region with cooler temperatures, you will need to choose a lower viscosity oil such as SAE 10W-30. Ultimately, it is important to check your owner’s manual to determine the appropriate type of oil for your specific model of lawn mower.

3. Can You Clean a Lawn Mower Oil Filter?

fuel stabilizer

You can clean a lawn mower oil filter, but it’s not necessarily the best idea. The filter is there to remove impurities from the oil, and over time it will become clogged with particles. If you clean the filter, you will remove some of the contaminants, but you’ll also risk damaging the filter itself.

You will need to replace the oil after cleaning the filter, which can be expensive. So unless you’re experienced with lawn mower maintenance, it’s probably best to leave the oil filter alone.

4. How Do You Know If the Lawnmower Oil Filter is Clogged?

There are several signs that your lawn mower oil filter is clogged. One is that the engine will run less smoothly than usual. You may also notice that the engine is making more noise than normal, or that it is running hotter than it should be.

If you check the oil and find that it is dirty or smells burnt, that is another sign that the filter needs to be replaced. If you notice any metal shavings in the oil, that is a definite indication that the filter is clogged and needs to be replaced.

By paying attention to these signs, you can ensure that your lawnmower stays in good working condition and continues to provide excellent results.


Upon reading the review of each product, you can compare and contrast their features. This will assist you in finding the best lawn mower oil filter for your needs. You should also take into account the factors that we have discussed in order to make the most of your purchase.

Don’t forget to read the owner’s manual of your lawn mower to see what type of oil to use. With the right filter, you can ensure that your lawn mower runs smoothly and efficiently, providing great lawn care. We hope that your purchase will meet your expectations.

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