A lawn mower’s engine creates friction between the metal parts that come into contact during operation. This friction generates heat and can lead to the wear and tear of your engine. 

As engine oil lubricates the metal parts in your engine, it reduces friction and ensures that it runs smoothly. 

The quality of the oil you use will have a significant impact on the performance and durability of your lawn mower’s engine. 

It must also be compatible with the oil type that is specified in the user’s manual for your lawn mower. This is why you should use the best oil for Honda lawn mower. 

This will ensure the lawn mower engines are well maintained and runs smoothly for a long period of time. Check out our top 6 oil reviews and find one that is well suited to your needs.

Honda Lawn Mower Engine Oil 08207-10W30

A genuine OEM Honda engine oil that keeps the engine running smoothly and cool

Viscosity: 10W-30
Liquid Volume: 32 Fluid Ounces Per Bottle
Genuine OEM Product: Yes
Quantity: 4 Pack
Oil Type: Mineral

Honda GN4 Oil for Honda Lawnmower Engine

Advanced additives that provide superior protection against engine deterioration

Viscosity: 10W-40
Liquid Volume: 32 Fluid Ounces
Genuine OEM Product: No
Quantity: 1 Quart
Oil Type: Blended With Polymer Additive

Honda 08798-9063 Mower Oil

Protects against corrosion sludge deposits and provides ease of cold starting

Viscosity: 0w-20
Liquid Volume: 32 Oz
Genuine OEM Product: Yes
Quantity: 1 Quart
Oil Type: Full Synthetic

6 Best Oil for Honda Lawn Mower Reviews

If you have a Honda lawn mower, then it’s important to use quality oil for your lawn mowers in order to keep the engine running smoothly. 

We have compiled a list of six of the highest-rated oils currently available for Honda lawn mowers. 

All of these oils are designed to be compatible with Honda engines, and they all offer excellent lubrication properties that can help to prolong the life of your engine. Please see the following review:

1. Honda Lawn Mower Engine Oil

Lawnmower engines need oil just like any other engine and this oil from Honda is just what you need to keep your mower’s engine running smoothly.

Key Features:

  • 10W30 viscosity rating for easy flow at low temperatures
  • Advanced additives for smooth operation
  • Genuine OEM Honda product for ensuring quality
  • Protect the engine from wear and tear

This engine oil has a 10W30 viscosity rating, meaning it will flow readily at low temperatures and maintain its thickness at higher temperatures better than a thinner oil.

There are four bottles of 32 fluid ounces in this package, so you will be supplied for some time. It is a genuine OEM Honda product, meaning that it is made by Honda specifically for use in their small engines.

With a combination of advanced additives, it keeps your engine running smoothly and efficiently while protecting it from wear and tear.

High-quality ingredients are used in this lawnmower oil, which is packaged in a convenient bottle. It’s easy to use and can be poured directly into the engine. Moreover, this oil is designed to resist thermal breakdown and to keep your engine cool.


  • Keeps engine cool
  • 10W30 viscosity rating
  • OEM Honda product
  • Easy to use


You can try using this Honda lawn mower engine oil to see what results in you obtain. Since it is OEM Honda oil, it will work well and keep your engine operating smoothly.

2. Honda GN4 Oil for Honda Lawnmower Engine

High-quality motor oil is essential for keeping your Honda lawnmower engine running smoothly and efficiently.

Key Features:

  • High flashpoint of 200 degrees Celsius
  • Viscosity stability for consistent performance
  • Well protection against wear and tear
  • Shear resistance for smooth performance

The Pro Honda GN4 motor oil is specially formulated for Honda engines, but can also be used in other street motorcycles, cruiser/touring, and off-road motorcycle applications.

Due to its high flashpoint of 200 degrees Celsius, it is resistant to high temperatures and provides superior protection against wear and tear.

Furthermore, the oil is available in a convenient quart bottle, so you can easily keep your small engine well lubricated.

It has a unique additive package that is tailored to the specific requirements of these engines. This ensures that your engine will run smoothly and provide optimal performance.

Plus, the Honda GN4 oil is designed to resist thermal breakdown and keep your engine running cooler for longer. So, whether you’re hitting the trails or just mowing the lawn, this small engine oil can help your engine stay in top condition.

A thorough testing and development process assures the highest level of viscosity stability, shear resistance, and cleanliness. This product meets all of the requirements of modern engine technology.


  • Shear resistance
  • Viscosity stability
  • 200 degrees celsius flashpoint
  • Keeps the engine smooth


Due to the wide range of features offered, you may choose this oil for Honda lawnmower engine. It can help keep your engine running smoothly and efficiently for a long time. 

3. Honda Lawn Mower Oil

This engine oil from Honda is specially formulated for use in lawn mowers. It is a fully synthetic oil that provides superior performance and protection for your engine.

Key Features:

  • Full synthetic oil for superior performance and protection
  • 0w20 viscosity helps keep the engine running cool
  • Universal fit for any model
  • OEM specified for your Honda lawn mower

The 0w20 viscosity helps to keep your engine running cool and prolongs the life of your lawnmower. In terms of dimensions, the bottle is 7.112 x 20.574 x 12.7 centimeters.

It is a universal fit, so it will work with any make or model of lawnmower. In addition, it weighs 1.043 kilograms, so it is lightweight and easy to carry.

Using this synthetic oil is a convenient way to keep your lawnmower in good working condition. It’s formulated with high-quality ingredients and advanced technology to help keep your engine running smoothly and efficiently.

Furthermore, it can reduce internal wear and tears, ensuring that your riding lawn mower runs properly for a longer period of time. These synthetic oils are OEM specified for your Honda lawn mower and are the optimum way to ensure optimal performance.


  • Full synthetic oil
  • Universal fit
  • OEM specified
  • 0w20 viscosity


Considering all the benefits of this Honda lawn mower oil, it can be a wise choice for anyone seeking to keep their lawnmower in good working order. 

The synthetic blend is designed to provide superior performance and protection, while the 0w20 viscosity helps to keep your engine cool.

4. Honda Lawnmower Engine Oil

To keep lawnmower engines running smoothly, they require special oil. Honda keeps this in mind when they developed their HP4S oil.

Key Features:

  • Fully synthetic oil that can withstand extreme temperatures 
  • Has a high flash point of about 200 degrees Celsius 
  • Comes in a convenient 32-ounce bottle 
  • Provides unbeatable protection and durability

As this motor oil is fully synthetic, it can withstand extreme temperatures while still providing the necessary lubrication for moving parts.

In addition, it has a high flash point of about 200 degrees Celsius, so it is less likely to catch fire. These synthetic oils come in a convenient 32-ounce bottle, which can be easily poured into most engines.

It is a 10w-30 viscosity oil that is made from premium-grade base oils and additives. This oil is formulated to meet the specific requirements of Honda vehicles, ATVs, and UTVs. It is also an OEM product, so you can be sure that it is the perfect fit for your Honda engine.

Even under extreme conditions, this oil provides unbeatable protection and durability. It provides superior protection against wear and tear, helping your engine run smoothly and efficiently.

The oil is a blend of exclusive formulations that give maximum engine wear protection during the critical cold-start period and during high RPM use.


  • Fully synthetic
  • 10w-30 viscosity
  • High flashpoint
  • OEM product


The Honda HP4S oil can be an excellent choice for those who want a fully synthetic option that can withstand extreme air temperature. This Honda lawnmower engine oil has a high flash point and is less likely to catch fire.

5. Honda Mower Oil

Honda’s 08798-9063 oil can offer you a range of benefits for your lawn mower. First of all, it is fully synthetic oil, so you can be assured that it will offer superior protection and performance over standard oils. 

Key Features:

  • Performs exceptionally well in both hot and cold weather
  • Fully synthetic for superior protection and performance
  • Provides protection against corrosion for a longer life
  • Comes in a convenient 32 fluid ounce bottle for easy use

Additionally, the 0w-20 viscosity makes it perfect for colder climates, as it will help to keep your engine running smoothly without any risk of seizing. And, the Honda brand name is a mark of quality that you can trust.

This motor oil is specifically formulated for Honda’s ultra fuel-efficient vehicles. It helps keep your engine running smoothly while maximizing fuel efficiency.

It comes in a convenient 32 fluid ounce bottle, making it easy to use. The motor oil helps reduce engine wear and also provides protection against corrosion. So, you can be confident that your lawn mower will last for a long time with the help of these synthetic oils.

You can use this synthetic oil to prevent the accumulation of sludge and other deposits in your lawn mower that can degrade performance.

There are many oils on the market that are designed to protect your engine, but not all of them work well in extreme weather conditions.

Honda oil is one of the few that performs exceptionally well in both hot and cold weather, making it a suitable choice for those who live in a climate with extreme temperatures.

It also makes starting your engine much easier in cold weather, so you won’t have to worry about your lawnmower not starting on a cold day.


  • Fully synthetic oil
  • 0w-20 viscosity 
  • Reduces engine wear 
  • Protects against corrosion


Considering all of the benefits that this Honda mower oil has to offer, it can be a wise choice for anyone with a lawnmower.

6. Honda Lawn Mower Oil 5w 30

This Honda lawn mower oil is designed to offer superior protection for your engine. With a viscosity of 5w-30, it flows smoothly and offers optimum protection at any temperature.

Key Features:

  • 5w-30 viscosity for optimum protection
  • Extends the life of your lawnmower
  • 4-stroke Honda engines can be operated with this oil
  • Seamlessly fits Honda lawn mowers
  • OEM part from Honda that fits seamlessly in your Honda lawnmower

It is a 5-quart package of liquid volume, so it will be enough for a lot of mowing. As it is an OEM part from Honda, it will fit seamlessly in your Honda lawnmower.

All 4-stroke Honda engines can be operated with this oil. It is a high-quality motor oil that helps keep your engine running smoothly and efficiently.

In addition to extending the life of your lawn mowers, the oil is specially formulated to reduce wear and tear on your engine.

The weight of the oil is 8 pounds. By using this oil, you can help to increase your engine’s life expectancy and keep it running smoothly.


  • 5w-30 Viscosity
  • Increases engines life 
  • 4-stroke compatible 
  • Superior engine protection


You can use this honda lawn mower oil 5w 30 to provide superior protection for your engine. It can provide maximum protection at any temperature.

Factors to Consider When Buying Oil for Honda Lawn Mower

oil requirements

When you are looking for oil to put in your Honda lawn mower, there are a few factors you need to take into account. 

This will help you choose the right motor oil for your needs and ensure that your lawnmower is running as smoothly as possible. Here are some factors to consider:

1. Oil Type

When you are looking for the best motor oil to put in your Honda lawn mower, you need to decide what type of oil you want. There are mainly three types of oils available, which are:

  • Conventional Oil:

This is the most common type of motor oil and is made from crude oil. It is also referred to as mineral oil or petroleum-based motor oils. 

The quality conventional oils work well but need to be changed more frequently. Due to its fragility, it breaks down more easily and does not provide the same level of protection as synthetic oil.

  • Semi-synthetic Oil:

A mixture of crude oil and synthetic oil is used to make this type of oil. It offers better protection than conventional motor oil and also needs to be changed less frequently. This oil offers a good balance between performance and protection.

  • Synthetic Oil:

All synthetic materials are used in the production of this type of oil. With this oil, your engine is best protected and you do not have to change it as often as with other types of oil. 

Furthermore, this oil allows your engine to run more smoothly. Moreover, since this oil lasts longer, you won’t have to change it as often as you would with other oils. 

By comparing these three types of oil, you can determine which one is suitable for your Honda lawn mower. Generally speaking, synthetic oil is the optimal choice since they offer superior performance and protection.

2. Viscosity

car oil

Next, you should take into account the viscosity of the oil. This is how thick or thin the oil is. Higher viscosity means that the motor oil will be thicker and more protective. On the contrary, a lower viscosity indicates a thinner oil. 

The viscosity is expressed as a number, with “w” representing the winter season. For example, “10w30” means that the oil has a viscosity of 10W at low temperatures and 30 at high temperatures. 

You should select the viscosity according to the conditions and the environment in which you are using your lawnmower.

3. Compatibility

You also need to ensure that the oil you choose is compatible with your Honda lawnmower. 

Not all oils are compatible with all types of engines, so it is important to check this before you make a purchase. This information can be found in the owner’s manual for your lawnmower.

4. Determine the Capacity

Another factor you need to take into account is the capacity of your Honda lawnmower engine. It can assist you in determining the amount of oil you need to buy. 

As an example, if your engine holds one quart of oil, it will be necessary to purchase one quart of oil. In this way, your lawnmower will be properly lubricated and will operate smoothly.

5. Versatility

high quality detergent oil

If you want to choose the best motor oil for your Honda lawn mower, you should also consider its versatility. Some oils are designed for a specific type of engine, while others can be used in a variety of engines. 

It is important to select an oil that is versatile and can be used in different engines. This will provide you with greater flexibility if you need to use the oil in another engine.

6. Shear Resistance

The oil you select for your Honda lawn mower engines should also have good shear resistance. This means that the oil will maintain its viscosity and will not break down easily. 

If the oil breaks down easily, it will not provide adequate protection for your engine and will need to be changed more frequently.

7. Flashpoint

It is important to consider the flashpoint of the oil when selecting the best motor oil for your Honda lawn mower. This is the temperature at which the oil will ignite. 

You should select an oil that has a high flashpoint, as this will reduce the chances of the oil igniting and causing a fire.

8. Performance

The performance of the oil must also be considered. Ideally, your engine oil should provide good protection for your engine while also enabling it to run smoothly.

It is important to select the best oil for Honda 4 stroke mower that offers both good protection and performance. You should choose the oil that is capable of cooling the engine and lubricating it properly.

9. Longevity

Finally, you should consider the longevity of the oil. Some oils last longer than others, so it is important to select an oil that will provide long-term protection for your engine. 

The oil should also be able to withstand high temperatures without breaking down. Taking all of these factors into account will help you choose the correct oil for your Honda lawn mower. 

By using the right type of oil, you can ensure that your lawnmower is running smoothly and that it is properly lubricated. Additionally, using the correct viscosity of oil can help protect your engine from damage.

How to Change Oil In Honda Push Mower?

It is important to change the oil in your Honda push mower on a frequent basis. After operating the mower for a period of time, the oil will degrade and is no longer effective in protecting the engine. 

So, changing your Honda lawn mower engine oil is essential to maintaining its performance. The following steps will show you how to replace oil:

Step 01: Collect the Materials Needed

The first thing you need to do is collect the materials needed to change the oil. This includes engine oil, a funnel, and a large bowl. Collecting these materials before you start will make the process easier.

Step 02: Start the Mower

You should start the mower once you have gathered the materials and allow it to run for a short period of time. This will allow the oil to circulate and warm up. Once the oil has been warmed up, it will be easier to drain.

Step 03: Turn Off the Mower

You should turn off the mower after it has been running for a few minutes. This will allow you to safely drain the oil.

Step 04: Tilt the Mower

In order to drain the oil, you will have to tilt the mower in the direction of the oil drain hole. Tilt the mower until the oil drain hole is pointing downwards.

Step 05: Place the Bowl Underneath the Drain Hole

Once you have tilted the mower, place a large bowl underneath the oil drain hole. This will catch the oil as it drains out of the mower.

Step 06: Open the Dipstick

oil consumption

Once the bowl is in place, open the dipstick and let the oil flows out. Drain the oil until it is no longer coming out of the mower. Once the oil has finished draining, close the dipstick.

Step 07: Wipe Down the Area

The area around the oil drain hole should be wiped down with a clean cloth once the oil has finished draining. This will remove any oil that may have leaked out while you were changing the oil.

Step 08: Return the Mower to an Upright Position

After you have finished draining the oil and wiped down the area, return the mower to an upright position. This will allow you to add new oil to the mower.

Step 09: Fill the Mower with New Oil

Now that the mower is in an upright position, you can add new oil to it. How much oil to use depends on the size of your lawn mower’s engine.  

Use a funnel to pour the oil into the engine. Add enough mobile oil so that the level reaches the full mark oil level on the dipstick. Along with changing the lawnmower’s oil, you should also change the oil filter. This will improve the performance of the mower’s engine.

Step 10: Close the Dipstick

Once the new oil has been added, close the dipstick. Doing so keeps the oil within the engine. Make sure that the dipstick is tight so that it does not come to lose.

Step 11: Start the Mower

When you have added fresh oil to the mower, start it up and let it run for a few minutes. In this way, the fresh oil will circulate through the engine.

After following these steps, you will have successfully changed the oil in a Honda push mower. Be sure to dispose of the old oil properly. Do not pour it down the drain as it can be harmful to the environment.

Frequently Asked Questions:

There are a few questions that are commonly asked about Honda lawnmowers engine oil. The following are some of the most common questions and their answers:

1. Can I Use 10w30 Oil In My Lawn Mower?

Can I Use 10w30 Oil In My Lawn Mower

Yes, you can use 10w30 oil in your lawn mower. Because it has a high viscosity, this type of oil is suitable for lawn mowers. Additionally, it will protect the engine from wear and tear.

2. Can I Use Synthetic Oil In My Honda Lawnmower?

You can indeed use synthetic oil in your Honda lawn mower. This type of oil is designed to protect the engine from wear and tear. The oil will also assist in increasing the mower’s performance.

3. Does My Honda Lawn Mower Work With 5w30 Instead of 10w30?

Both 5w30 and 10w30 are suitable for use in most lawn mowers. Therefore, you can use 5W30 instead of 10W30, however, you should keep in mind the local weather conditions.

4. How Often Should I Change the Oil In My Honda Lawn Mower?

It is recommended that you change the oil in your Honda lawn mower after every 50 hours of use. However, this may vary depending on the type of oil that you are using and the model of lawnmower that you have.


It is our hope that after reading this article you will have already found the best oil for Honda lawn mower for your needs. All the recommended oil we have highlighted is of the highest quality, helping you to protect your lawnmower engine.

You can also change the oil in your lawn mower by yourself following the simple steps that we have outlined. Doing so will save you time and money. What are you waiting for? Select any product on our engine oil recommendations and get started today.

Honda Engine Oil – 08207-10W30 (4)
  • Pack of Four 32oz bottles
  • Genuine OEM Honda Engine Oil
  • Please note: Consult owner’s manual for proper part number identification and proper installation