You’ve been looking for a new hose, and you’re not sure if the garden hose thread (GHT) or national pipe thread (NPT) is best.

If you’re not sure which one to choose for your next project, you’re not alone. It cannot be very clearly trying to figure out the difference between garden hose thread vs NPT.

We’re here to help. In this article, we’ll explain the differences between garden hose thread and not, so you can make an informed decision about which one is best for you.

What is Garden Hose Thread (GHT)?

The garden hose thread is used on most country-specific hoses. It is the standard in Europe, South America, and many other countries. The GHT is popular because it’s less prone to leakage than NPT.

Garden hose thread comes in different sizes, which means you can attach different types of attachments depending on what your project requires.

What is a National Pipe Thread (NPT)?

On the other hand, NPT is commonly used in North America for various projects. It’s a standard thread process that fastens two male threads together, and it’s primarily used in plumbing, heating, and air conditioning applications.

NPT refers to the tapered thread form. It can come in a variety of sizes, but it is commonly found in 1/4-inch increments from 1/8 to 2 inches.

The Differences between Garden Hose Thread Vs NPT

The Differences between GHT and NPT

There are several differences between garden hose thread and national pipe thread. Listed below are some of the most significant differences:

Types: GHT consists of two types, one known as close (GHT-C) and the other which is called regular (GHT-R). The male end of both types of thread is very similar. However, the female end of GHT-C has an internal taper while that of GHT-R does not.

NPT is also divided into two types; NPT-F and NPT-M. Both types of male threads are straight, parallel, tapered threads. The female end of both types is tapered, but it becomes much larger at the base when compared to that of the GHT.

Strength: national pipe thread has a more consistent amount of thread engagement between male and female connections. This means that it is not necessary to have as large a dimensional difference between fittings made for one type as those made for the other.

Size: garden hose thread is different from national pipe thread in that the outer diameters of both male and female ends are slightly tapered; they are not parallel like NPT pipe threads. This means that you need to get adapters if you want to join pipes of the two different types.

Garden hose thread fittings must be used with hoses that are marked as compatible if they are marked at all. However, national pipe threads can be joined to hoses marked either for NPT fittings or garden hose threads.

National pipe thread is generally more suitable for higher pressure applications than garden hose thread.

Garden hose threads are sometimes referred to as ‘garden hose fitting,’ and national pipe thread is sometimes referred to as a ‘pipe thread’.

Benefits of Garden Hose Thread Vs NPT

Benefits of Garden Hose Thread Vs NPT

There are certain benefits to garden hose thread and NPT. Listed below are some of the most notable ones:

Ease of use: it is easier to attach and detach attachments with garden hose thread than with national pipe thread. This makes GHT more user-friendly for beginners and DIYers.

Flexibility: both types can securely connect two materials with different diameters as long as the threads are compatible. However, NPT fittings need to be larger than the hose diameter to accommodate the taper.

Safety: because GHT has a tapered thread, it creates a better seal between fittings and hoses (due to its slightly smaller outer diameter). Thus, GHT is less prone to leakage than NPT.

Garden hose thread does have a much thicker wall thickness around the thread than does national pipe thread. This means that GHT is more durable and can handle higher operating pressures.

Garden hose threads come in both standard and close-fitting types, while NPT fittings only come in one type (the tapered version). Thus, it’s easier to match the two types of threads with their respective hoses and fittings.

Which One Should you Choose for your Project?

  • National pipe thread is often preferred for its consistency, but it can be time-consuming to put together since this type of threading is more complex.
  • Garden hose threads are simpler and faster to work with, but these connections are not as reliable or safe as those based on national pipe thread.
  • Because of this, it is best to base the choice of fittings or connectors for your project on its intended use.
  • This means, in most cases, that you should go with NPT when you are building something to be used at high pressures, while garden hose threads are often preferred for their cheaper costs and adaptability.

When choosing between national pipe thread and garden hose thread, garden hose thread is more convenient and cost-effective, but national pipe thread is better for high-pressure applications.

Final thoughts

Choosing the right type of threading for your plumbing project is crucial. You should always take into account what you intend to use it for and how much pressure will be applied to the joints.

When low-pressure applications like hoses or watering systems are considered, garden hose threads are usually better suited, while national pipe threads are suited for high-pressure projects like those that require a water pump, sprinkler system, or something similar.

The best advice we can offer is to consider which one would work best based on the needs of your application before choosing between garden hose vs NPT fittings!