Why my strawberries are so small is a common question that many home gardeners ask about their strawberry plants.

There could be a lot of reasons why your strawberries are coming out small. It could be the variety of strawberries, the weather, or the way you’re growing them. Don’t worry; we’ll help you figure it out.

We want to help you get the biggest and juiciest strawberries possible. That’s why we’ve put together this guide on why are my strawberries so small.

With Causes and Remedies. By following these simple steps, you will have bigger, healthier strawberries in no time.

Strawberry Facts You Need to Know

Strawberry Facts You Need To Know

The strawberry is a perennial plant that belongs to the rose family. It is grown not only for its fruit but also because of its beautiful appearance and flowers.

The strawberry plant has one main crown and several roots or runners, which produce new plants. The crown contains the plant’s growing points. The leaves, stems, and fruit will grow from this point.

Strawberries are one of the most loved and widely grown fruit fruits in home gardens. This perennial plant bears very tasty fruit, so it will stay for a long period before you throw it out, as may be the case with annual plants.

When planting strawberries, you should know that they are actually very delicate. It will take some effort to keep them healthy and produce good fruit, but it is well worth the effort since the results are so rewarding.

This article will discuss strawberries in general, what affects growth and yield, how to handle pests and common diseases, as well as strawberry planting techniques.

Small Strawberries- Why are My Strawberries So Small?

There are several reasons why your strawberries may be small. However, let us focus on what causes smaller strawberries.

Strawberries Cultivars

Strawberries Cultivars

Several factors affect the size of your strawberry fruit. The most important fact is that there are many different types of strawberries. Some varieties bear medium and large-sized fruits, while others (most notably alpine and wild strawberries) produce very tiny fruits.

There is nothing wrong with having a variety of sizes of strawberries. In fact, it is a great thing. You can enjoy small and big strawberries together in one bowl.

The smaller ones may be sweeter and have a more intense flavor, while the bigger fruits will appeal to those with a stronger sweet tooth.

Pests and Diseases

Many pests and diseases can affect your strawberry plants. There are several reasons why strawberries might be small, such as infection by fungi or insects.

Strawberry crown gall is a specific disease that causes deformed and grotesque fruit and roots. Also, perhaps you’re growing varieties of strawberries that simply produce smaller fruit like Sweet Charlie, for example.

Weather Conditions

Weather conditions are probably the most influential aspect of plant growth, including strawberry plants. Hot weather conditions, like summer heatwaves, can cause strawberries to stop growing and flowering. This will lead to small strawberries or no fruit at all (in some cases).

On the other hand, extreme cold or frost can cause strawberry flowers to die. When this happens, there will be no fruit at all that year!

Soil and Water Requirements

Since strawberries grow in the ground, you will need to consider that soil quality has a big influence on plant health. This becomes especially important when you want bigger fruits.

Good soil drainage is essential for your strawberry plants to use all the water they can get while preventing diseases like root rot (which thrives in moist conditions).

Well-drained soil will allow the plant to get all the water it needs, which stimulates growth.

Fertilizing and Mulching

Fertilizing and Mulching

Strawberry plants may not need a lot of mulching, but you should still add some organic material to provide nutrients for the soil.

Also, if you’re growing commercially and want bigger strawberries, then it is mandatory that you use fertilizers specially designed for strawberries.

Strawberries do best in slightly acidic soil, so if you’re growing them in a container, make sure to mix some good quality potting soil with the top layer of your garden plot and add some fertilizers.

Harvesting and Storing Strawberries

The more berries you pick, the less fruit your plants will have. So try to time your harvest so that they can develop fully and have a chance to grow bigger.

Strawberries are very delicate fruits, so make sure not to put them in direct contact with water or expose them to high temperatures or humidity.

Old Strawberries Plants

Finally, you need to consider leaving the plants in the same spot for years. As your strawberry plants age, they will become less productive and produce smaller-sized fruits than before.

So if you want bigger strawberries, you should replace your old plants with new ones every 2-3 years. If this is not possible, then at least move them every year or two to prevent nutrient deficiencies and diseases.

How to Fix the Problem of Small Strawberries?


Now that you know why your strawberries are so small, it’s time to put an end to this problem!

  1. If the main reason for having small strawberries is weather conditions, you need to wait. Give them some time, and they will grow bigger.
  2. You should also consider applying mulch around the plants to protect them against extreme cold temperatures.
  3. If the reason is pests or disease, you will need to use some natural pest control methods to stop your strawberries from being small. You can spray them with safe pesticides like neem oil extract, for example.
  4. Last, if old strawberry plants are what you’re dealing with, then it’s time to replace them with new ones.
  5. You can also fix the problem of small strawberries by simply harvesting them at the right time. This way, your plants will receive more nutrients, and they will be able to grow bigger berries!

We hope that you now know what causes small strawberries and how to stop them from being so tiny in the future. We wish you good luck!

Strawberries Planting: Things to Consider

Strawberry plants are a delicious addition to gardens and a fun way to grow something in your garden, even for beginners. Strawberry plants can be started from seed, or you can purchase small starter plants.

Strawberries Planting

 If you do not have a green thumb, growing strawberries is probably one of the easiest fruits to plant, maintain and harvest. Once your plants begin bearing fruit, they will produce for a very long time with proper care.

You can grow strawberry plants in pots. Growing large strawberries in a pot is possible as long as the plant has enough room and proper soil drainage.

If you are growing strawberries for personal use or want to grow larger fruit, try to plant your strawberry plants along the edge of a raised garden bed. This will help reduce root rot and keep your fruit clean since it is not lying on the ground after it has fallen off.

Final Thoughts

Growing strawberries is a fun and easy way to have fresh fruit all year round. If you are having trouble with your strawberry plants producing small berries, follow this article’s tips to help them grow bigger. We hope that you will be able to enjoy delicious and healthy strawberries soon!